Too Good to be True? - Part One

(This story is about someone who answered a personal ad I'd once placed)


From the second I heard his voice on the recorded message he left me, I was extremely attracted. He had this incredible voice. I called him shortly after hearing his message, and we talked on the phone for over an hour. During the conversation, we made a plan to meet for dinner several days later. When I got off the phone, I was very much looking forward to meeting him -- I was attracted to his personality from our great conversation, and also to his voice, that I loved the from the moment I first heard it. Before we met, I replayed his recorded message several additional times, thinking, "I'd love to hear this voice whisper to me before I fall asleep at night."

Although it's a standard no-no to have a personal-ad date pick you up in their car, in this case I felt it was OK. The moment we met, it was instant attraction -- we completely hit it off. At dinner, we laughed, talked and had a great time. We stayed at the restaurant until after 11 p.m., and then he drove me back to my apartment.

When we got to my building, he asked if he could walk me to my door. We walked into my lobby, and wanted to kiss goodnight before we parted, but it was cold in the lobby (and not very private), so we decided to go back into his car for our first kiss. We ended up staying in the car for more than an hour -- holding hands, talking and kissing. It was getting late, and I kept saying, "Just a few more minutes...."

He asked if it would be OK to use my bathroom before he drove home. When he was in my apartment, I showed him my pictures (I have a photo portfolio of sorts) and some of my "objets d'art" I made over the years. We talked and kissed some more in my apartment, and before we knew it, it was 3 a.m. Time had flown by -- it was so nice to be with him. As I was holding him, I said, "I don't want you to go." He didn't want to leave either. We decided he would stay over, but not "sleep" over. We would be perfectly respectable, and we were. We kissed and dozed for what hours of the early morning were left, until it was time for me to get ready and leave for work.

When he was driving me to work, we were both in a daze from the suddenness and intensity of our connection. We were both extremely attracted to each other on many levels. It was intense and deep. He called me about an hour after I arrived at work. From that first night on, we were connected to each other. I had never before met someone I could relate to so deeply and so instantly.

On Friday, I couldn't wait to finish work, because I had plans to visit him for the first time, and stay over his apartment (he lived in NJ, in a town right on the other side of the Hudson river). He had a really nice apartment -- spacious, tastefully done, well-kept, and with great views of NYC out of the many windows. Also in his apartment was what would be the most comfortable bed I had ever been in -- it was king size, had a featherbed on top of the mattress, all cotton sheets, big fluffy down pillows, and a fluffy down comforter.

We spent the entire weekend together. We were like two love-struck puppies -- smiling as we gazed into each other's eyes, constantly holding hands, touching and caressing, every moment together being pure bliss. It was i